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Photo Gallery
  okeechobee youth livestock show invites you to check out the photo gallery below to see what has been going on out at the 2014 Livestock Show.  
  2015 Livestock Show and Sale  
  2014 Livestock Show and Sale  
  Triple Crown Champion
Felipe Soto
  Grand Champion Steer and Grand Champion County Bred Steer
Carolanne Lundy
  Reserve Grand  Champion Steer
Maria Grisales
  Reserve Grand Champion County Bred Steer
Chance Deen
  Senior Steer Showman
Felipe Soto
  Intermediate Steer Showman
Natalee Trimble
  Junior Steer Showman
Patrick Lehman
  Steer Herdsman
Caleb Stewart and Nathan Stewart
  Grand Champion Swine
Jacey Mullis
  Reserve Grand Champion Swine
Trey Thomas
  Swine Herdsman
Ethan Parriott and Kimmy Tinajero
  Division Winner
Jacob McGehee
  Division Winner
Lauren Raulerson
  Division Winner
Tristan Anderson
  Top Senior Swine Showmen   Top Intermediate Swine Showmen  
  Top Junior Swine Showmen   Supreme Overall Champion Female
Patrick Lehman
  Grand Champion Brahman Female
Natalee Trimble
  Grand Champion Commercial Female
Patrick Lehman
  Senior Beef Breeding Showman
Felipe Soto
  Intermediate Beef Breeding Showman
Natalee Trimble
  Junior Beef Breeding Showman
Patrick Lehman
  Overall Grand Champion Bull
Felipe Soto
  Reserve Grand Champion Bull
Payton Byrd 
  Beef Breeding Herdsman
Zeke Bryan
  Overall Grand Champion Dairy
Cady McGehee 
  Dairy Senior and Junior Bred By
Ross Laskey
  Grand Champion Milking Shorthorn
Felipe Soto
  Grand Champion Guernsey
Cady McGehee
  Dairy Herdsman
Cady McGehee
  Senior Dairy Showman
Felipe Soto
  Intermediate Dairy Showman
Cady McGehee
  Junior Dairy Showman
Cole Verano 
  Grand Champion Rabbit
Cameron Williams
  Senior Rabbit Showman
Selena Bowman
  Intermediate Rabbit Showman
Dylan Hodges
  Junior Rabbit Showman
Andrew King
  Grand Champion Poultry
Dylan Hodges
  Senior  Poultry Showman
Matthew Starr
  Intermediate Poultry Showman
Dylan Hodges
  Junior Poultry Showman
Shelby Sumner  
  Grand Champion Goat
Carleigh Henson
  Senior Goat Showman
Matthew Lanning
  Intermediate Goat Showman
Shelby Kirton
  Junior Goat Showman
Joshua Lawrence
  Grand Champion Lamb
Dylan Hodges
  Senior Lamb Showman
Tyffani Zeller
  Intermediate Lamb Showman
Dylan Hodges
  Junior Lamb Showman
Sydney Lawrence
  Distinguished Service Awards
Family of Larry McWhorter
  Distinguished Service Awards
Dr. Kerry McGehee

  Kiss the Pig
JD Mixon
  2013 Livestock Show and Sale  
  2012 Livestock Show and Sale  
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